Diversity Label confirmed for APRR & AREA

Diversity Label confirmed for APRR & AREA

The APRR group has had its Diversity label award renewed following its presentation to the certification committee on 6 February. It is a recognition of the commitment and actions taken by APRR & AREA in favour of diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, initiated in 2011.

It thus confirms the APRR Group’s proactive stance in favour of well-being together in support of individual and collective performance.

"Thank you to everyone who works day by day to say "no to all forms of discrimination." I would like to thank all the employees for their involvement and all our partners who support us in this process. This renewal is a new milestone. Far from being a goal, this label is a tremendous reward for the daily efforts of our teams and commits us to make further progress in the future. "
Pascal Billard, Human Resources Director

This label, granted for a period of four years, is awarded to companies that carry out actions for non-discriminatory managerial processes and in favour of equal opportunities, in particular in terms of professional integration. It also incorporates the principle of non-discrimination in customer and supplier relations.
Some significant progress over the last four years*:

  • 31.5% of managers are women compared to 30.5% in 2014,
  • 43% of people recruited on permanent contracts are young people, compared with 38% in 2014,
  • 5.69% of employees are recognised as disabled workers compared to 4.25% in 2014,
  • 113 young people are in apprenticeship or vocational training contracts, compared with 65 in 2014,
  • over 970 people have changed jobs or been promoted between 2014 and 2018,
  • 91% rate of access to training in 2018,
  • a network of 250 in-house trainers who provide 40% of all in-house training compared with 145 in 2014,
  • a network of 83 diversity and equal opportunity ambassadors has been active since the end of 2016,
  • more than 60 employees have carried out sponsorship or mentoring missions since 2016,
  • The professional equality index, published in 2020, is 89/100 for APRR and for AREA.

* data as at 31/12/2018.