Clévia takes part in building a KFC restaurant in Cambrai, in northern France

Clévia takes part in building a KFC restaurant in Cambrai,  in northern France

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food chain owns 20,000 outlets in a hundred countries worldwide, serving 8 million customers per day. The company has been active in France since 1991 and aims to have 500 franchises in operation in our country by 2025. This is a boon for our HVAC and energy engineering specialists working under the Clévia expertise brand name, who were able to demonstrate the extent of their know-how by taking part in works on a KFC restaurant in Cambrai (59). 

Our local operations teams involved in this project carried out HVAC, smoke extraction and plumbing work in the restaurant. They fitted rooftop AC units on the roofs in order to cool the whole restaurant, and a heat pump to ensure the production of domestic hot water. They also installed air extraction hoods in the kitchen, after routing the different air supply and extract networks in the kitchens. “We had 12 weeks to carry through these works, between the start of digging operations and the restaurant opening date. We were able to work in synergy with the other companies involved in the project, in order to respect the principle of simultaneous work and each company’s work areas. I’d also really like to pay tribute to Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ commitments to safety, showcased on this project” said business manager Stéphane Maison.  

This major challenge which was raised with success has enabled EES - Clévia Nord to win two other restaurant contracts in Vendin-le-Vieil (62) and Arras (62). Our branch has also positioned itself on HVAC, smoke extraction and plumbing maintenance for 11 of the chain’s other restaurant franchises.  

Crédits photo : © KFC