Clemessy wins Chinon CNPE’s Safety Challenge

Clemessy wins Chinon CNPE’s Safety Challenge

The Safety Challenge organized by Chinon Nuclear Power Plant for electricity production (CNPE) regularly rewards the companies operating on its site, with the aim of encouraging them to comply with, and improve, safety and security standards during their works. Our Clemessy teams won the Week 12 Security Challenge for a project which involved connecting self-contained emergency lighting units.  

Our experts were congratulated on their scrupulous observance of the wearing of personal protective equipment, implementation of shared vigilance measures and reappraisal (to good effect) of certain actions in the field, and also for their sharing of best practices. To start with, they organized a switch to night shifts, to avoid co-activity and slip-and -fall accidents. They then practised by simulating part of the works on a training site, to limit exposure to ionizing radiation. Finally, while the works were in progress, they diligently deployed the practices to increase the reliability of fieldwork or PFI (Pratiques de fiabilisation des interventions) in reflex mode, in particular the self-checking “gesture, voice and gaze” techniques, with a photo taken at each labelling of the junction boxes and verification of correct referencing on the plans.  

And this constant vigilance paid off ! Our winning team was congratulated by Chinon CNPE’s Quality, Safety, Radiation Protection and Environment  project manager Guillaume Cuquel.  

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