British Normandy Memorial: inauguration on June 6

British Normandy Memorial: inauguration on June 6

The British Normandy Memorial will be inaugurated on June 6 at Ver-sur-Mer, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Eiffage Route's teams in Caen are very proud to have participated in the construction of this memorial site, which pays tribute to the 22,442 British soldiers who fought for peace in the Battle of Normandy.

Commissioned by the Normandy Memorial Trust, created in 2016 to fulfill the veterans' dream of seeing a place commemorating their involvement, this memorial is located overlooking Gold Beach to Ver-sur-Mer in Calvados. 

Our teams were chosen to build it as a general contractor after a public tender in the United Kingdom, which also involved the Operational Support Division (DSO) and the Infrastructure Business Line's international legal department. They carried out, in their own work, the access roads, platforms, parking lots and pedestrian paths, the VRD, sanitation and coating works. They also supervised several English-speaking subcontractors imposed by the client.

These include the Northern Irish company, McConnell & Sons, responsible for supplying and cutting the stones, as well as engraving the names of the 22,442 soldiers to whom the building pays homage.