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As an all-round urban contractor and against the backdrop of digital and environmental transitions, Eiffage is rolling out innovative solutions to improve residents’ quality of life.
01 Designing
the city
as whole
02 Supporting
the ecological
03 Supporting the
digital transition
04 Promoting and
supporting innovation,
always and everywhere

Designing the city as whole

Eiffage’s business lines cover the fields of construction, transport, energy and urban development. Sustainable development is therefore a top priority for the Group.

The complexity and interwoven nature of the various environmental challenges we face call for more thought about the Group’s business lines with the aim of not only reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and managing all sources of greenhouse gas emissions but also decreasing the pressure on natural resources and biodiversity.

Sustainable city
Designing the city as whole

The city raises a combination of urgent issues, including environmental and social problems caused by massive, fast and often constrained urbanisation as well as economic challenges as we have to keep building better and better, more and more quickly and cheaply, for people and local authorities with limited financial resources.

Directed by a dedicated management team in close collaboration with all the Group’s operational businesses lines, Eiffage’s sustainable development strategy is based on a three-pronged approach (See opposite).


Supporting the ecological transition

In a historical context marked by an unprecedented increase in populations, Eiffage has adopted the new approach of systematically analysing cities to take all the specific parameters of their regions fully into account (regional engineering, environmental characteristics, economic activity and sociological factors).

Supporting the ecological transition

This analysis is illustrated by the following examples:

- The strategy adopted by Eiffage’s “Phosphore” sustainable urban development laboratory focused on a comprehensive approach to predicting the consequences of both climate change and social transformations;

- Eiffage’s specific HQVie® (high quality of life) methodology for the construction of efficient eco-districts and the Urbainable® and Astainable® sustainable city demonstrators used to model the optimal conceptual and technical solutions for cities, in a defined, systemic context;

- A carbon offset scheme supporting low carbon solutions making allowance for cost differences between traditional carbon-based solutions and innovative low-carbon solutions;

- France’s commitments to its national biodiversity strategy (SNB) in France and to the Business & Biodiversity Offsets Programme (BBOP) internationally.


Supporting the digital transition

The fast-increasing use of new technologies — such as the digital revolution, robotics and artificial intelligence — involve profound transformations for businesses and processes as well as for internal management and relations with end customers.

Digital transition
Supporting the digital transition

Digital solutions are transforming all the Group’s offerings:

For the rollout of offerings: Thanks to the use of modelling tools, an infinite number of configurations can be envisaged and offerings can be understood almost intuitively.

As regards focus on uses, transformed by the Internet of Things revolution, and their applications in everyday life, such as home automation, e-concierge services, energy coaching and shared car parking management.

The digital transition also boosts efficiency thanks to the electronic management of construction processes. This is illustrated by the rollout of Building Information Modelling (BIM) system which profoundly changes the methods used to design, build and manage buildings and other structures, and the introduction, in 2017, of the eMAT application which optimises the maintenance, management and use of construction site machinery.


Promoting and supporting innovation, always and everywhere

At Eiffage, innovation is seen as a matter of cultivating a favourable terrain. As an all-round contractor, Eiffage encourages and supports the communication of innovative ideas from all the Group’s business lines. It collects them and promotes their enrichment as they pass from one department to another, one business line to another and one team to another, so as to generate real synergy for inclusive progress.


Promoting and supporting innovation, always and everywhere

With that aim, Eiffage has created cross-divisional innovation management tools:

Financial support funds;
Electronic suggestion boxes involving all employees by means of theme-based campaigns embodying the concept of participative innovation;
An innovation encyclopaedia, called Innopedia®, listing and highlighting all in-house innovations as well as those resulting from collaborations (open innovation);
Strategic partnerships with start-ups (notably through partner incubators) to recognise and develop new, differentiating expertise.

Innovation permeates the entire Eiffage Group and plays a part in all its actions. It is a complete process, from applying patents and testing to securing approval, followed by commercial launch.

Valérie David
Director of Sustainable Development and Cross-Divisional Innovation