Supplier relationships
and purchasing policy

At Eiffage, the values and ethical rules that apply to our employees also apply to our suppliers and subcontractors. These include integrity, fairness, respect for the rights and responsibilities of all, but also economic involvement in our regions, and supporting work and access to employment.

A basis for common ethical values

Our suppliers and subcontractors represent a significant part of the Group’s value and play an essential role in its growth and performance. They are an important source of jobs in the regions where Eiffage operates and a driving force in innovation and responsible purchasing. That is why we choose them carefully, ensuring they share our values and principles relating to sustainable growth, access to employment, ethics and innovation. 

Compliance with competition law

Our internal rules regulate the use of a consortium of companies in tender proposals. Failure to comply with competition law is strictly prohibited.  

The Eiffage University’s teaching programme includes a specific module all about commerce and ethics. This mandatory module, intended for managers and supervisors, aims to set out the Group’s competition policy and commitments to ensure they are applied in the field. 

Responsible Supplier Relationships Charter

Since 2010, Eiffage has been a signatory to the Responsible Supplier Relationships Charter, which sets out 10 commitments for responsible purchasing:  

  • financial fairness in dealing with suppliers;  
  • collaboration between large corporate clients and strategic suppliers;  
  • reduction of the risks of mutual interdependence between clients and suppliers;  
  • involvement of large corporate clients in their supply chain;  
  • awareness of the total cost of purchasing; 
  • integration of environmental considerations;  
  • regional corporate responsibility;  
  • professionalisation of purchasers;  
  • management of supplier relationships via the purchasing function;  
  • remuneration of purchasers according to the principles of the charter. 

Note: this charter requires the appointment of a small and medium business correspondent (SME correspondent) to provide mediation with the Group in case of legal action following an objection raised by a supplier. This procedure is enshrined in the “Médiateur des entreprises” Act (Essoc Law, article 36). 

Eiffage has set up a dedicated e-mail address:

Preventing corruption

Offering or accepting unwarranted payments or the provision of unjustified advantages, directly or through a third party, by any person for the purpose of obtaining preferential treatment or influencing the outcome of negotiations is formally forbidden within the Group.  

At the international level, all partnership agreements entered into by Eiffage include a clause requiring all parties to comply with the anti-corruption regulations prescribed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

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