Supplier portal

Login or register on our supplier portal to communicate more easily with the Eiffage Group.

A dedicated e-sourcing portal for our suppliers and subcontractors

We build fair and lasting relationships with all our suppliers, based on transparent and regular communication.  

Via this portal, you will be able to contact us and perform various tasks online:  

  • qualifications
  • CSR assessments
  • invitation to consultations (invitations to tender) and supplier response tracking
  • electronic signing of framework contracts

Process your invoices online

This portal also allows you to send, track and receive payment for invoices electronically.  

At Eiffage, we place particular emphasis on improving quality in how we process our suppliers’ and subcontractors’ invoices. For this reason, we have modernised, standardised and dematerialised our processes and management tools, from purchase requisition through to payment of invoices.

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