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Pradeau Morin transforms a former 12th-century Cistercian Abbey into a jewel of a hotel

The Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay is a 12th-century Cistercian abbey nestling in the heart of the Vallée de Chevreuse in the Rambouillet national forest. Listed as a historic monument, the site is about to be reborn, transformed into a luxury hotel, thanks to a major renovation project orchestrated by Pradeau Morin, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction.

Pradeau Morin transforms a former 12th-century Cistercian Abbey into a jewel of a hotel

At the end of September, Pradeau Morin completed the complete exterior and interior renovation of the Cistercian abbey of Les Vaux de Cernay. This emblematic project was initiated by KEYS, in partnership with Paris Society, with the aim of turning this former abbey into a prestigious hotel, where history and modernity meet.

This ambitious project, inaugurated on 20 October, involves transforming 13 buildings, including the abbey itself, into a hotel with 110 rooms and suites, including 3 exceptional restaurants and 2 bars. The project covers 12,800 m² of net floor area (GFA) and offers a breathtaking 80-hectare setting.
Work began in March 2022 and was completed in September 2023, a challenge met in just 18 months.

"The tight deadline and the fact that the work was being carried out on a listed site were the main challenges," explains Stéphane Mette, project director.

This colossal project mobilised an impressive workforce of 300 workers, including 16 at peak times for the structural work.

In addition to the meticulous restoration of the existing structures, the project also included the creation of a cinema, a karaoke room, a luxurious spa and the renovation of the existing swimming pool. Several seminar rooms were also renovated, providing an ideal space for exclusive events.

To complete this exceptional renovation, other Eiffage Group businesses were involved, notably Eiffage Route as a subcontractor and WETEC (Eiffage Énergie Systèmes) as a co-contractor, guaranteeing the quality and expertise required for such a project.

The restored building is destined to become a jewel of a hotel, preserving the cultural heritage of the area and offering an unforgettable experience to visitors from all over the world. A big well done to the teams for this remarkable work!

Client: KEYS
Delegated project manager: Paris Society
Assistant project manager: CORTEX PROJECT
Main contractor: AXHOMA
Monuments Historiques architect: Pierre BORTOLUSSI

Eiffage Construction
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