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The connected city
and new digital applications

We provide innovative solutions adapted to new urban practices and the development of sustainable cities, including urban infrastructure monitoring systems, predictive maintenance and actively managed signage.

Smart management of urban assets in digital cities


 Managing the full range of urban systems in real time to increase the availability of installations and provide the best possible continuity of service through predictive maintenance is one of the key challenges for smart urban infrastructure management. That is why our teams employ various different control technologies (infrared thermography, acoustic and ultrasound controls, etc.) to quickly identify the root causes of any anomalies, whatever their origin. We have also developed Expercité, a comprehensive offering that can be adjusted to fit the needs of each local authority. 

Providing a smoother user experience, lower costs and reduced light pollution through smart lighting systems


Given the high cost of street lighting for local authorities, we developed Luciole®, a tailor-made service to match requirements with a reduced energy footprint. Luciole® combines a light road surface covering developed by Eiffage Route with LED lights that automatically detect traffic delivered by Eiffage Énergie Systèmes. Luciole® can vary the brightness of lighting according to whether or not users are on the road and how fast they are travelling. From a driver’s perspective, there is no difference compared with conventional lighting systems. Vehicles become part of a train of light that follows them the length of their journey.