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Circular economy

We reuse and recycle materials wherever possible to reduce waste and establish the circular economy. In 2018, we achieved the regulatory requirement for 2020 of recovering 70% of our waste.

Waste: reprocess, recycle and recover

It all starts before demolition. We increasingly use selective deconstruction techniques and dismantle as many elements as possible to reduce the volume of waste generated and promote reuse and recycling. In some cases, we work with specialised partners to recycle certain materials such as PVC joinery. Our teams in the field reuse concrete and old materials from various project sites. This technique is clearly stated in the project specifications. Almost 85,000 m3 of concrete have been crushed and will be reintroduced as part of the LaVallée eco-neighbourhood in Châtenay-Malabry. 

In Bordeaux, we set up an integrated physical and logistics platform for the circular economy. It is the first of the kind. The Noé inter-site shared services platform provides recycling and waste recovery, plus excavated soil reuse solutions, all at one site. Package 1 of line 16 of the future Grand Paris metro project will also raise the bar in this area, since the contract specifications require that 70% of waste be recycled, recovered or reused, together with full traceability of excavated material. 

Circular economy: encouraging all innovative internal initiatives


We launched a “Best of the circular economy” competition in 2018 to encourage all existing initiatives and share best practices internally. One notable entry was the RéaVie non-profit’s circular economy platform, which is supported by our foundation. It saved several tonnes of material and equipment from being sent to landfill, and has provided a university in Dakar (Senegal) with furniture recovered from the LaVallée eco-neighbourhood site.


Group-wide engagement

All our business lines are engaged in pioneering and ground-breaking circular economy initiatives to transform our day-to-day operations. Eiffage is among 33 large French businesses belonging to the national association of private companies (AFEP) that made a pledge in 2017 to actively embrace the circular economy. 

Key figures
  • 8,500

    tonnes of waste processed annually by our Noé waste sorting and recovery platform in Bordeaux