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and ecological engineering

To protect biodiversity, Eiffage favours measures that avoid and reduce the ecological impact of its projects, while building up its expertise in offset mechanisms. What’s more, we are keen to share this expertise with all our stakeholders.

Our efforts to protect biodiversity

Our biodiversity commitments are predicated on three major objectives: alleviating pressure on natural resources; developing our know-how in ecological engineering, biodiverse developments and ecological offset mechanisms; and upskilling our teams in these areas.  

All our business lines employ an avoid, reduce and offset approach, as required under the Biodiversity Act of 2018. The Group, extensively active in this area since 2009, ensures its people work towards these goals. 

Recognised expertise, shared with others

To take its commitment to biodiversity to the next level, Eiffage actively participates in various industry bodies and research groups. We are the only French construction and development group in the Business and Biodiversity Offset Programme (BBOP) established by the Forest Trends NGO, which has over 80 public- and private-sector members.  

The ecological offset programme for the Bretagne–Pays de la Loire high-speed rail line was presented to the BBOP community at its 15th meeting, held in Paris in late 2018. The programme is now regarded as a template for companies around the world.  

We are also expanding training for our employees in these areas. Eiffage has also been involved in setting up a master’s degree course in biodiversity at Paris’ Sorbonne university, which around 40 of our employees have now completed. We also created a MOOC via our virtual environment and sustainable development university (Uved) covering the new job opportunities emerging in biodiversity, to which a record number of employees have signed up. 

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