Bormes-les-Mimosas: restructuring of the port dike

Bormes-les-Mimosas: restructuring of the port dike

Eiffage Travaux Maritimes et Fluviaux is carrying out, in a consortium, on behalf of the Yacht Club International Bormes Mimosas (YCIBM), operations to secure the port dike, damaged by recent storms.

On the agenda of our teams:

- raising and reinforcing the existing reinforced concrete wave wall

- reprofiling of the 490 m long embankments of the dike and protection by a shell made of artificial concrete blocks: EcopodeTM and AccropodeTM

A total of 2,670 artificial blocks of 4 and 6 m³ will be prefabricated, including 1,500 EcopodTM type blocks, which is a first in France for series prefabrication. The project to restructure the port dike is being designed by Corinthe Ingénierie.

 The works, worth €12 million, began in June 2018 and will be completed in February 2020. 

Photos Credit : Eiffage Branche Infrastructures