Presentation of the bionic glove, Ironhand® at the FNTP  

Presentation of the bionic glove, Ironhand® at the FNTP   

On June 20th, the Ironhand® bionic glove was presented to the public at the Maison des Travaux Publics in Paris. Journalists, partners and collaborators were able to take part in this event to try out this innovative equipment exclusively.

In 2017, Eiffage and Bioservo Technologies signed a partnership agreement to develop a robotic glove that makes it easier for employees to work on construction sites. This active and versatile exoskeleton helps to reduce or compensate for the efforts produced by the employee's hand. It also prevents MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) in the hand and promotes the integration or return to work of people with disabilities.

Equipped with 6 sensors: 5 at the last phalanx of each finger and the 6th at the palm, the glove is connected by a cable, along the arm, to a power unit that can be used for 7 hours continuously by the employee, independently.

Ironhand® has been tested on many workstations where the hand and wrist are heavily stressed, such as:

- Insulation operator

- Rack shooter

- Welding / Boilermaking Operator

- Packaging Operator

- Formworker

- Operator using portable tools

In the road, metal, civil engineering, energy and motorway sectors - with APRR - its use has confirmed a reduction in the efforts made by employees from 25% to 86%. Today, it is now distributed at Loxam and available throughout France for the entire profession.

With Ironhand®, let's work differently!

Photos Credit: Eiffage Branche Infrastructures