Plobsheim: three Eiffage business sectors in synergy south of Strasbourg

Plobsheim: three Eiffage business sectors in synergy south of Strasbourg

Project teams from Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Génie Civil and Eiffage Énergie Systèmes are working together, on behalf of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, toward creating the future Plobsheim catchment area - an area combining several underground drinking water catchment works in the same water table - to the south of the Strasbourg urban area.

This project comprises six lots, of which Eiffage has won three. 

·         Lot 02: Construction of an operations building and ancillary works 

Eiffage Construction is currently completing the civil engineering works and finishings for a total of €4.5M. Around twenty partners have been working since February to complete the operations building of almost 2,000 m² that will house pumping, treatment and water storage equipment. The team is also responsible for designing the two water storage containers made from exposed concrete panels. These nine-meter-high structures will each hold up to 1,550 m3 of water. 

·         Lot 03: Electromechanical equipment 

Eiffage Génie Civil’s Hydro and Reservoirs project teams are contributing their expertise to the electromechanical equipment work, including studies, supply, installation, connection, implementation and testing of the 18 well and relay pumping stations.
The pipework for the relay station and the six boreholes, including three valve chambers, required 8,000 hours of prefabricating 316L stainless steel pipes of up to DN 1400.
This lot includes all ancillary equipment, including valves and fittings, water-hammer arresters, instrumentation, ventilation/dehumidification and lifting, for a total of €3.4M. 

·         Lot 05: Electricity and automatic control 

Under the brand name Clemessy, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes project teams are creating the automatic control system for the drinking water catchment area, plus its connection to the existing water distribution network. These works include providing day-to-day and emergency electrical supplies to the pumping stations, as well as lighting and site safety. 

This operation is unique in France and totally in keeping with responsible policy, and from 2020, will ensure the supply of drinking water for 450,000 of the city’s inhabitants.