A bionic arm named “Ironarm” developed by Bioservo Technologies AB and Eiffage

A bionic arm named “Ironarm” developed by Bioservo Technologies AB and Eiffage

Bioservo Technologies AB and Eiffage have reinforced their R&D co-operation to develop the bionic arm known as “Ironarm”.

Bioservo Technologies AB and Eiffage’s Infrastructure Branch  have reinforced their partnership to develop a bionic arm a year after working together to develop the bionic glove concept “Ironhand”, the world’s first flexible robotic system of physical assistance.

Bioservo’s SEM™ technology is designed to prevent musculo-skeletal disorders caused by intense or repetitive tasks. The concept of Bioservo’s technology is to create a sustainable working environment and revolutionize manual work. “Ironarm” will enable a significant reduction in the impact of pressures generated by the manipulations carried out by operators.

“We were impressed by the results obtained during the bionic glove test periods in real work situations, for the Group’s different trades. A 25 to 82% reduction in the operators’ efforts was observed. Bioservo’s SEM™ technology is perfectly adapted to preventing musculo-skeletal disorders and encouraging the employment of disabled people. We are thus to reinforce our partnership with Bioservo to develop “Ironarm”, a solution which can compensate for the effort of the whole arm” said Eiffage Infrastructures’ safety director Erick Lemonnier.
“Our SEM™ bionic technology can be used to improve the strength and endurance of the whole human body. As a company, we have made the strategic decision to concentrate mainly on the body’s upper limbs. Continuing our partnership with Eiffage and developing the “Ironarm” concept together will enable us to expand our portfolio with new products to meet market demand” explained Bioservo Technologies’ CEO Petter Bäckgren.

Photo Credit: Eiffage Branche Infrastructures