L’Oréal entrusts Arthesis with audiovisual development in its luxurious Paris showroom

L’Oréal entrusts Arthesis with audiovisual development in its luxurious Paris showroom

L’Oréal Luxury Products Division which supervises Prestige & Collections International is in charge of developing the famous cosmetics group’s top-of-the-range showroom. Our branch Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ expertise brand Arthésis recently developed the audiovisual system for this showroom established thirty years ago in Paris’ first arrondissement. 

Our teams began by equipping a modular room divisible into two separate areas with two 86-inch Pro Christie display monitors (220 cm diagonal) combined with six 43-inch video feedback monitors which can be used independently. They installed several connection devices and provided eight Barco Click Share wireless system monitors enabling computer content to be shared on screen. The whole modular area has a sound system with built-in speakers and hand-held high-frequency microphones and can be controlled via two Crestron touch tablets in order to simplify the use of these technical facilities. 

Next, our comprehensive audiovisual solutions experts installed a 7 m x 4 m motorized projection screen weighing 250 kg eight metres above the ground in the middle of the showroom’s central square. The screen is connected to a Christie Boxer 4K, 20,000-lumens video projector by means of supplier Audiopack’s most efficient pantograph. This video projector is equipped with an automatic vision mixer and enables up to four sources to be viewed in Full HD. The Square (where the projection screen was installed by our teams) is connected (VGA/HDMI) at various points with long-distance cabling while the sound is provided by loud-speakers and a speaking system including high-frequency microphones. Our technicians have also commissioned LED wash light fixtures, to supervise the atmosphere in the Square. The video projector, pantograph, projection screen, sound system, light, technical components in the wiring racks…in short, all the facilities in this central space are controlled by a pair of Crestron wireless touchscreens. 

Besides the showroom’s two strategic areas, our specialists equipped four meeting rooms with 55, 65 and 75-inch display monitors. They also installed three pole-top mounted monitors, allowing the company PCI to set up its digital signage solution.

Photo credits : © Eiffage Énergie Systèmes