The Cube of 2018

The Cube of 2018

Aix-Marseille, a new focal point for life on campus.

As part of the Opération Campus programme, Eiffage Concessions was awarded a contract in 2014 to finance, design, build, renovate and maintain the university campus in Aix-en-Provence. The project was structured in four tranches of works: construction of a multi-storey car park (Tr 1); development of the North refectory (Tr 2); modernisation of the library at the Law faculty (Tr 3); creation of the South refectory and a crèche (Tr 3); renovation of the Arts and Human Sciences building (Tr 1, Tr 2 & Tr 3); and development of a rose garden (Tr 3) and the central campus building (Tr 4).
At Aix Marseille University (AMU) on 17th December 2018, the SPV Melaudix handed over the final tranche of the partnership agreement, concerning the former Arts library, henceforth redeveloped and renamed as the "Cube" central campus building accommodating social, cultural and academic facilities.
Students now have access to a 193-seat theatre, a 200-seat multi-activity room, music rooms, offices and co-working spaces. The Cube is also used by the UTL open learning organisation. A refectory and retail stores are also expected to open their doors in the building shortly.
The work was completed in 14 months. This achievement was made possible by synergies between the teams from Eiffage Concessions, Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Energie Thermie and Chastanier, which rose to the challenge of completing the work to the customer's schedule.