Eiffage Foundation: Dancing against our preconceived ideas

Eiffage Foundation: Dancing against our preconceived ideas

The sport club of Bordeaux has set up a sports-based scheme to encourage social and professional integration among early school leavers experiencing difficulties.

The Stade Bordelais supports and encourages “PREPAS SPORTS” scheme. Every year, 24 young people excluded from the public system benefit from the scheme. They are given access to new skills and qualifications, with sports media as a core theme. They all take part in the scheme and activities on a voluntary basis. They are referred by juvenile protection services, child welfare services, local missions, prevention organisations and sports clubs.

The scheme offers five months’ intensive training and job searching activities (youth leader certificate, mobile equipment operator competency certificate, driving licence and first aid courses), followed by one year of follow-up support. As a result, 80% manage to secure employment or training by the end of the course.

The scheme is being rolled out in other cities.

Rudy Dambon, agency manager at the Infrastructures division, supports the project via the Eiffage Foundation, and has enabled the association to buy a minibus.
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