Eiffage commits to replanting the Canal du Midi

Eiffage commits to replanting the Canal du Midi

Eiffage signs a three-year sponsorship with Voies navigables de France to save the Canal du Midi.

Solicited by the general manager of Voies navigables de France, Eiffage wanted to commit financially over three years for the rescue of the Canal du Midi and more particularly its alignments of plane trees, thus highlighting the commitment of the company in the national Biodiversity Strategy (french commitment).
Indeed, this plant heritage, more than 150 years old, is today threatened by the spread of a fungus (Ceratocystis fimbriata) which causes the decline of the alignments of monospecific trees that borders the canal, without any solution. The only way to control this fungus is to cut down all the trees in a preventive way. Thus, thousands of trees must be cut in a careful way by taking quasi-surgical precautions: disinfection of tools, felling of trees by pieces ... not to spread the fungus.
Slaughter is only the first step in a vast replanting project with various species that are more resistant to disease.

This project is currently one of the largest sponsorship in France with more than 3.5 million euros collected from several sponsors since 2013. Its total cost is estimated at 220 million euros. Replanting the 42,000 trees along the canal is expected to end in 2026, a project that has lasted about 20 years.
At present, half of the diseased trees have already been cut down and replanted.
Eiffage is proud to commit to a project as symbolic as this one to perpetuate a heritage more than a century old.
To know more : http://www.replantonslecanaldumidi.fr/en