Eiffage Génie Civil Marine in Kuwait Bay

Eiffage Génie Civil Marine in Kuwait Bay

Eiffage Génie Civil Marine is contributing its expertise to the Al-Zour refinery mega-project for Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's subsidiary Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC), in partnership with the Middle East's major Korean players HDEC and SKEC.

The project comprises three large-scale structures:

 - A 1,700 metre jetty for loading ships with sulphur granules produced in the refinery. The jetty will be extended by a wharf and is to carry a 3.6 km conveyor belt linking the refinery with the ship loading towers. The jetty will be completed at the end of June 2018, and work on the wharf is to follow. 

 - Sea Island, an offshore platform for loading ships with refined products, located 17 km from the coast and linked to the refinery by a subsea pipeline network. The central platform infrastructure will be completed this summer, triggering the installation and connection of superstructures. These include piping, wiring, monitoring buildings, a power substation, compressors, generators, scraper traps, loading arms, a metering bench etc. The north and south wharfs linked to the central platform will enable up to 4 ships to be loaded at the same time. 

 - A service port reclaimed from the sea, comprising a covered area, a berthing facility for support craft, a fuel depot and other infrastructure needed for site operations. Technical buildings will be located inside the port, including offices, maintenance workshops, warehouses, a harbour control tower and other necessary facilities for the management and support of  offshore operations. 

The project is progressing well, with about 65% of the work already completed, and is scheduled for delivery at the end of 2019.

N.B. Safety Force®, Eiffage Infrastructures' 100% Safety application world tour continues with the first assessment of the Al-Zour refinery mega-project in Kuwait.

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