Of new occupants on the Campus!

Of new occupants on the Campus!

Since the middle of February, maintenance of the green spaces of the campus Pierre Berger is realized by an alternative method : the eco-pasture.

The campus Pierre Berger welcomes at the garden level two sheeps of Ouessant, a particularly resistant rustic race in the cold as in the heat and which adapts itself to every type of ground. This initiative joins in the approach of eco-pasture to maintain 450m2 of green spaces. This is added to the current experiments on several sites of APRR.
The eco-pasture, what is it?
The principle consists in putting grazing animals to maintain green spaces without having to request mechanical machines or weed killers polluting grounds and groundwaters. This also allows to reach sloping zones and this is thus more security for the gardeners.
This method is particularly adapted to the approach of Biodivercity’s label of the Campus.
Do not hesitate to inquire with the person in charge of the green spaces of the Campus.​