Eiffage Foundation: Why not submit your own community or social project!

Eiffage Foundation: Why not submit your own community or social project!

The Eiffage Foundation provides support for community and professional integration projects. Are you interested in submitting a project to the Eiffage Foundation? Find out more about objectives of supported projects and how it works.

The Eiffage Foundation supports professional integration projects submitted by current or retired Eiffage Group employees. Any current or retired Eiffage Group employee involved in a solidarity organisation can submit a project to the Eiffage Foundation.
Objectives of supported projects
The projects selected by the Eiffage Foundation promote the social and professional integration of people in situations of exclusion. Here are the five eligible domains:
•             Employment: projects directly promoting access to employment for people in difficulty.
•             Training: educational or professional qualification training, fighting illiteracy, driving lessons, etc.
•             Housing: projects promoting access to autonomous housing for vulnerable people.
•             Sport: professional integration and sport.
•             Culture: professional integration and culture.
How does it work ?
Simply log on to the projets.solidaires.fondation.eiffage.com online platform
An initial pre-selection questionnaire assesses the eligibility of the project for the Eiffage Foundation.
If the project is eligible for funding, then the whole application process can be completed online. No more paper or Word documents required! From now on all projects should be submitted via the online platform.
For any questions before submitting your project, please contact the Foundation: tel. 01 71 59 11 18 or fondation.entreprise@eiffage.com
To find out more about project eligibility criteria and the key stages in the selection process, click on projets.solidaires.fondation.eiffage.com