APRR: dress rehearsal before the winter season

APRR: dress rehearsal before the winter season

Just as musicians practice their scales before a concert, the APRR & AREA motorway agents have been practising their parts and rehearsing their snow-clearing roles and procedures before the winter period.

Snow-clearing simulation, obstacle course, salt loading, blade assembly, simulator and emergency braking.
The APRR & AREA snow-clearing virtuosos were in one voice this 11th October at Isle-d’Abeau in the Lyon suburbs, on the tracks of the Centre Auto Réflexe Rhône-Alpes (Centaure).
In a genial atmosphere, twelve teams of three agents went head to head in the WV (winter viability) challenge, a new formula perfectly orchestrated by management from the Network and Communication divisions of the APRR Group.
No wrong notes for the Franche-Comté team, fortissimo winner of the Winter Viability Gold Trophy. The Prevention prize was awarded to the snow-ploughing maestro from the Brie region, situated to the east of the Parisian basin.
The 3 participants struck the right chord for prevention and safety at work in perfect harmony.
The winter symphony can begin. The APRR Group motorway services are all set to prevent a cacophony!