Eiffage Senegal carries out a CSR diagnosis

Eiffage Senegal carries out a CSR diagnosis

Eiffage Senegal's CSR process was evaluated by Afnor-accredited auditors Roger Lunel between 18 and 22 September.

The following parties were identified by the company and took part in the audit: general management, the Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and CSR Division, personnel department, cost estimation office, purchasing department, health insurance institute, project mangement engineers, occupational physician, communications department, internal sponsors and several staff representatives. The Eiffage Foundation and the group's cross-company Sustainability and Innovation Department also took part.
The external stakeholders chosen by the company were clients Ageroute, Apix and  Total and suppliers/co-contractors TTSM, ETPB and KPAX. These companies are associated with the very essence of our business. Among the subcontractors were two former employees (KPAX, ETPB). Several partner associations (Samu Social, Lion’s Club, Initiative RSE Sénégal) also took part in the diagnosis.
After the evaluation based on the 7 pillars of the ISO 26000 standard, Eiffage Senegal obtained a score of 647 out of 1,000, which confirmed the maturity of  their CSR policy.
The final report presented a 3-pillar commitment, already practically in application. The pillars represent communities and local development, working relations and conditions, and the environment. After these come organizational governance and consumer-related questions.
Among the report's conclusions, we would like to highlight the company's positive assessment by its partners and employees, and the identification of areas of CSR governance to improve.
The report shows that Eiffage Senegal is identified with the values of sharing and solidarity. The diagnostic's participants expressed their confidence and pride in their relationship with the company, and confirmed Eiffage Senegal's reliability in meeting payment and delivery deadlines.
Apix representative Dominique Ndong praised the choice of Senegalese staff, a sign that the company is locally implanted.
The Cotoa's director Michel Theron spoke at length about company management's avant-garde approach, with a particular mention for the organization of the 2016 marathon. Another participant added "Eiffage is a victim of its own success and can no longer afford any slip-ups".
Today, Eiffage Senegal's CSR commitment is known and recognized. This exemplary model has had a ripple effect on Senegal's entire social and economic fabric. The company therefore intends to further structure its process according to the auditor's recommendations in order to improve its score and achieve the excellence.