Green Solutions Awards: vote for Eiffage projects!

Green Solutions Awards: vote for Eiffage projects!

Four of the Group’s projects have been selected as part of the Green Solutions Awards. Now it’s up to you!

An international competition organised by the Construction21 network, the Green Solutions Awards highlight buildings, districts and infrastructure that are outstanding in their contribution to fighting climate change. This is the second year Eiffage has participated. The competition has become even more international, with almost 150 applications from 19 different countries being registered, including 79 from France.

Eiffage was one of the major winners in 2016. The public school in Beaupréau-en-Mauges (Maine-et-Loire) won first prize for sustainable construction, accepted by teams from Eiffage Construction Grand Ouest in Marrakech as part of the COP 22 climate conference. The Smartseille eco-district in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) was awarded the jury’s special prize in the “Smart City” category as well as third prize in the “Favourite City” category.

For the 2017 awards, four Eiffage projects are still in the running. Now it’s up to you! To vote for Eiffage projects, click on the links or on the photos below.

* Partial renovation of the Arch in La Défense business district