Eiffage 2016 Work Challenge: Awards ceremony for the winning teams

Eiffage 2016 Work Challenge: Awards ceremony for the winning teams

Eiffage’s Work Challenge, held for the first time in 2014, highlights the field teams’ expertise and aims to improve safety, productivity and quality, as well as to promote the move towards digital technology in the Group’s divisions and constructions.

The Challenge’s primary objective is to recognise and reward the efforts of the highly qualified construction teams, team leaders, site managers and master craftsmen to whom we owe all the work carried out by the Group. With nearly 100,000 construction sites a year, the men and women in the field play a crucial role. They are the ones behind the productivity, success and value of Eiffage. The Work Challenge helps to better identify, support and train them and drive their career development, across all the professions and divisions. 

For the second edition, a Digital Challenge was created in addition to the Work Fundamentals Challenge. This new challenge rewards teams that have helped to free up time for the benefit of their activity and improve their performance by using ergonomic digital applications.
For the Work Fundamentals Challenge, teams were assessed either on business-specific criteria or on cross-cutting criteria such as prevention and safety, productivity, and quality.
The Digital Challenge is based on the following criteria:
- time freed up by the digital application for the benefit of the activity;
- tool’s ergonomics and user-friendliness;
- help in mastering fundamentals.
This second Work Challenge received 65 applications from the Group’s four divisions.
The fifteen winning teams of the 2016 Work Challenge were honoured at a ceremony attended by more than 300 people on Monday 20 March 2017 at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris. The winners were announced and the members of the eight winning teams received their prize from Benoît de Ruffray and the members of Eiffage’s Executive Committee.
See the full list of winners in the file below.