Eiffage Énergie reconstructs lighting on Malo Pier, Dunkirk

Eiffage Énergie reconstructs lighting on Malo Pier, Dunkirk

Dunkirk's sea port (Grand Port Maritime) has chosen Eiffage Énergie's teams to reconstruct luminous pier signalling. They are to supply, install and connect five new beacons with helicopter transport. 

The concrete beacons on Malo Pier were levelled down in March 2016 for the shooting of Christopher Nolan's film Dunkirk, to make way for the construction of a wooden jetty as genuine as the wartime pier (the film is set in 1940).

After the shooting, the concrete bases were replaced by five new aluminium beacons, each 8 metres high and weighing 300 kg. The work was carried out on the submersible part of the pier (under two metres of water at high tide) and involved a tight works schedule and the use of a helicopter to install each beacon. 

Once the beacons were in place, our teams built and installed the pier's new power supply network, to restore guidance for sea craft and ensure the safety of their crews. 

Work on the project began on July 1st 2016 and was completed at the end of September with the opening of the pier. 

Credit: Eiffage Énergie