Eiffage Foundation: more than 200 employees are already supporting 175 projects. Why not submit your own community or social project!

Eiffage Foundation: more than 200 employees are already supporting 175 projects.  Why not submit your own community or social project!

Are you interested in submitting a community project to the Eiffage Foundation? Find out more about the selection process and eligibility criteria below.

Created in 2008, the Eiffage Foundation provides financial support for community initiatives supported by current or retired Group employees. The Foundation has supported 175 community and professional integration projects focusing on training, employment, housing, sport and culture.
Selection Criteria

  • The initiatives selected must favour the social and professional integration of people in situations of exclusion.
  • Projects should be based in countries where Eiffage is permanently located to facilitate monitoring.
  • The Eiffage Foundation mainly provides funding for investment, always as part of co-financing arrangements, and up to a limit equal to one third of the project’s total budget.
  • The person who presents the project should be personally and actively involved in the association.
  • The association or organisation developing the project must have a genuine vocation of general interest, proven social benefit and be managed on a non-profit basis.
  • The Selection Committee takes into account the diversity of partners, the project’s clarity and coherence, its feasibility, innovative nature and exemplary value.

Selection Process

  • Project review: The employee sends the funding application to the Foundation. The Foundation’s team makes an initial selection of applications according to the selection criteria listed above
  • Meeting with the organisation developing the project: The Foundation’s team meets the person in charge of the association and the project supporter at the project’s location. This first meeting serves to validate the feasibility of the project and envisage possible partnerships according to specific needs.
  • Presentation to the Selection Committee: A summary of the project is prepared by the Foundation and sent to the Selection Committee. The latter meets three times a year to decide on the allocation of funding. Projects submitted may be accepted unconditionally, accepted under certain conditions, be the object of recommendations, or refused. The Committee is made up of around fifteen people: members of the board (including four external qualified members) and various Group HR representatives.
  • The partnership goes ahead: If the Selection Committee agrees to fund the project, a three-party partnership agreement is signed between the representative of the organisation, the employee/former employee supporting the project and the Foundation. The agreement specifies the amount of funding and the respective commitments of each party (performance criteria). The project must be set up within two years or the Eiffage Foundation may withdraw its financial commitment.

Submit your project to the Eiffage Foundation by downloading the funding application form at eiffage.com > Foundation
Check the eligibility of your project by contacting the Foundation: tel. +33(0)171591118 or click on fondation.entreprise@eiffage.com