Benoît de Ruffray takes over as Chairman of the Eiffage Foundation

Benoît de Ruffray takes over as Chairman of the Eiffage Foundation

The handover between Jean Carré and Benoît de Ruffray took place on Tuesday 6 December 2016.  


Benoît de Ruffray is now Chairman of the Eiffage Foundation. The handover from Jean Carré, who had been chairman since 2008, took place on Tuesday 6 December 2016, at the same time as partial re-election of the Foundation’s board.

“The Eiffage Foundation is a keystone and a source of pride that reflects the Group’s involvement in the places where it operates, and its commitment to contributing to their future,” said Benoît de Ruffray during the seminar for employees engaged in social projects, organised on 3 November 2016. “When our employees are engaged and fulfilled, this has a positive effect on the Group’s performance,” he added. He also expressed a wish for the Foundation to “think bigger, aim higher and achieve greater things”. 

Jean-François Roverato and Christian Cassayre remain in their roles of Vice-Chairman and Treasurer of the Foundation respectively. Other members include Jean-Pierre Mahé (Construction), Philippe Seitz (Infrastructures), Patrick Guerbert (Energy), and Olivier Miens (Concessions). Thierry Decorsier (APRR) is also a member of the board in his role of staff representative, as are Jean Carré, Marc Brabant, Geneviève Jurgensen and Jean-Marie Metzler acting as external qualified members. Xavier Lanthiez remains the Secretary.