Eiffage and Olikrom invent the luminescent road

Eiffage and Olikrom invent the luminescent road

One year after signing a collaboration agreement, Eiffage Route and OliKrom have commissioned the first LuminoKrom® luminescent paint marked cycle lane in Pessac, Gironde, with the support of the Bordeaux Metropolitan authority.

What makes the LuminoKrom® innovation so special?

LuminoKromÒ is a luminescent road paint developed by OliKrom backed by Eiffage’s technical expertise with the aim of improving road safety by enhancing the visibility of horizontal and vertical road markings (such as for hard shoulders, pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes) both at night and in poor weather conditions.

By increasing visibility distances by 50 to 100 metres at night, this innovation clearly improves safety for motorists and helps protect the most vulnerable users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The luminescent road solution requires only the installation of inexpensive equipment (no wiring required) and its utilisation does not generate any electrical power costs. All types of areas can be covered, no matter how remote or drivable the roads may be.

How does LuminoKrom® work?

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road paint stores light captured from the sun or headlamps and then emits that light in the dark. This can be done because the paint contains innovative, durable pigments that emit light without requiring any electric power source. This innovation paves the way for more economical, environment-friendly and safe roads of the future.

This high level of performance was achieved thanks to the innovative I-STREET programme coordinated by the Eiffage and supported by ADEME. For this first installation in Pessac, a cycle lane was equipped with an axial marking strip that glows in the dark. 200 kilos of paint were used to mark out the central strip on this 2-kilometre long cycle lane.

Prospects and aims

Many other priority applications are envisaged for the near future, notably to enhance the safety of hazardous locations such as the immediate vicinity of pedestrian crossings and areas near schools. In the medium term, LuminoKromÒ will play a key part in guiding autonomous vehicles.

Eiffage and Olikrom invent the luminescent road