Picasso Museum

Paris, France
Eiffage Construction, Pradeau Morin

The restoration
of a jewel
of Parisian architecture

Meticulous renovation

In the heart of the Marais, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, the Hôtel Salé is a jewel of 17th-century architecture. A historical monument, this 17th-century “hôtel particulier” also hosts the Picasso-Paris national museum, housing the largest public collection of the great artist’s works. Despite its prestige, the Hôtel Salé had limited space to exhibit the priceless works and and no longer met safety standards. It was therefore decided to create an extension in order to triple its exhibition area, upgrade the air-conditioning and electrical equipment, and the accessibility, safety and security features.

The project was not only technical; It also included restoring the murals and the railing of the great staircase, rehabilitating and relocating the “Salle des Boiseries”, and the sanitation, lighting and catering of the Terrasse des Communs. Spearheaded by Eiffage Construction under the direction of architecture firm Bodin et Associés and the Chief Architect of Historic Monuments, the project mobilised seventy master craftsmen and a dozen engineers from Eiffage Construction for more than two years.


A subsidiary for History

It was Pradeau Morin, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, benefiting from 120 years of expertise and approved by the Historic Monuments authority, which steered the renovation of this valuable heritage. Stonecutters, masons, carpenters, locksmiths and ironworkers worked successively on the site for a meticulous, precise, refined renovation, in the respect of traditional know-how. The art of combining the know-how of yesteryear and the technologies of today...