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Aveyron, France
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Replicating prehistory
to the degree

Well-tempered prehistory

It all started with an insane project: building an identical replica of the most famous cave in the world, Lascaux, so as to enable the public to see its amazing paintings without jeopardising the 17,000 year-old original. An incredible feat, named “Lascaux IV”, to which Eiffage Énergie Systèmes contributed: the Group’s subsidiary was tasked with setting a constant temperature of 16°C with humidity of 80% in the new cave, made in resin.

The constant temperature prevents any expansion-contaction phenomenon that could harm the elastomer shell and protects the reproductions of cave paintings from any damage. In addition to the cave’s facsimile, Eiffage’s teams also installed all the HVAC, ventilation and plumbing equipment for the site’s reception area – showroom, theatre, dining area, ticket office, offices.

The Lascaux IV project will doubtless remain one of the most exceptional in my career.

Jean-Luc Bouché
Project manager, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes - Clévia