wooden tower

Bordeaux, Gironde
Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Immobilier

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The quest for CO2-free cities

A wooden tower? In 2016, Eiffage Immobilier won the contract to build a first worldwide: a 17-storey composite concrete and wood tower in Bordeaux, with a floor area of 17,000 sq.m, including 5,000 sq.m of wooden flooring. The 82-apartment building designed by the architect Jean-Paul Viguier will be built around a concrete core with engineered wood floors supported by a timber beam structure. The shell will consist of locally-manufactured, fully-finished timber-framed walls.

Wood acts as a carbon sink, stocking up to 500 kg of carbon per cu.m. Wood is a renewable material that emits 25% less carbon dioxide than an equivalent concrete solution during construction. The composite wood-and-concrete Hypérion tower is set to save 14.7 tonnes of carbon emissions per apartment, an amount equivalent to that released by a compact car covering 206,000 km in urban conditions. The experience gained by Eiffage will be a precious asset in the energy transition.

We are proud to have been chosen to build the Hypérion composite wood-and-concrete tower in Bordeaux, the first structure of its kind in France. When completed in 2020, it will stand more than 50 m tall.

Jacques Bouillot
Innovation and Dry Process Director, Eiffage Construction