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Building a shared world together, this is the ambition of the Eiffage Foundation.
Eiffage Foundation
01 Building a shared
a shared
world together
02 Acting at
the heart
of territories
03 Supporting
employees in their
socially-committed projects
04 Submitting
a project

Building a shared world together

Since its origin, the Eiffage Foundation has supported actions for work integration in five areas:

- Employment: projects promoting direct access to employment for people in difficulty, notably work integration initiatives at work sites, in ESAT (sheltered workshops) and adapted companies.

-Training: qualifying and vocational training courses, working sites with learning opportunities, social driving schools.

- Housing: projects promoting access to independent housing for vulnerable people, such as transitional housing, social homes, intergenerational houses.

- Sports: projects combining work integration initiatives with a sporting activity.

- Culture: work integration initiatives as part of a cultural project.

Training and employment account for more than 75% of the projects supported. Nearly two-thirds of the projects also meet other objectives, such as environmental preservation – collection of used items, solidarity shops, organic market gardening – or the work integration of people with disabilities. The selection committee singles out almost 30 projects each year. Actions carried out in France and in all the countries where the Group operates.

Building a shared world together

Three types of intervention

The Eiffage Foundation acts in three different ways:

- projects sponsored by Eiffage employees or Eiffage retirees;
- projects located in “priority districts” identified in municipal policies, for which the Foundation provides support in the very heart of disadvantaged areas, supporting local project initiators; 
- support given over several years to non-profit organisations: for example, ATD Quart Monde, which fights long-term unemployment, Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement (SNL), which supports social housing and integration, and Les Jardins de Cocagne, which promotes work integration through organic market gardening and catering.


5 millions euros contributed to solidarity projects since 2008 by the Eiffage Corporate Foundation.


Acting at the heart of territories

National or local in scope, the projects supported by the Eiffage Foundation are firmly rooted in their territories. Two examples: a project sponsored by a Group employee and a charity working specifically in priority districts identified in municipal policies.

Acting at the heart of territories

From reemployment to employment with Tremplin Horizon

Driving the economy of reemployment – collecting, sorting, recovering and reselling objects and furniture at solidarity prices – and helping people return to employment are two of the missions of La Ressourcerie Tremplin Horizon, in the Rhône Valley. A structure that wants to go further by developing the collection business, perpetuating its economic model and welcoming more people in an insertion situation, with the support of the Eiffage Foundation and the sponsorship of Patrick Sapet, sector manager, Eiffage Route. 

“Entreprendre en Banlieue” programme (“Suburban Entrepreneurs”) with Planet Adam Le Havre

Since 2014, the non-profit organisation Planet Adam Le Havre has been driving the creation of micro-enterprises in the priority districts identified in municipal policies. Thanks to the support given to project initiators, free of charge, thirty companies were created in 2016.
The association extended the territorial scope of its action to Fécamp and Rouen (Seine-Maritime) with the support of the Eiffage Foundation and regional departments of the Construction and Infrastructure divisions.
Francis Debrey, head of development, Eiffage Construction Haute-Normandie, is the local project sponsor.

The Eiffage Foundation allows us to be anchored in the territories and to be a stakeholder in their future development.

Benoît de Ruffray
Chairman of the Eiffage Foundation
Positive Planet

Supporting employees in their socially-committed projects

Since its origin, one of the missions of the Eiffage Foundation has been to recognise and encourage its employees’ involvement in the non-profit sector. They can sponsor a work integration project in which they are already involved. The Eiffage Foundation also offers them the possibility of volunteering for partner charities: mentoring students with Article 1, supporting jobseekers with Solidarités Nouvelles Face au Chômage, helping microentrepreneurs with Positive Planet.

Supporting employees in their socially-committed projects

Mentoring students with Article 1

All types of students from modest backgrounds can be successful: get involved!

Would you like to help young people from modest backgrounds?
The non-profit organisation Article 1 (formerly Passeport Avenir) supports high school and university students with the help of professionals from companies all over France. The Eiffage Foundation supports this action and invites you to become a mentor for a young person with great potential or a facilitator of workshops for high school students. Registrations for the school year between June and September.


Commitment is also a real school of humility.

Genevieve Jurgensen
Member of the Board of Directors of the Eiffage Foundation

Submitting a project

The initiatives selected by the Eiffage Foundation promote the socio-professional integration of people in difficulty or in an exclusion situation. 

All projects must be submitted to the Eiffage Foundation on the online platform: Submitting a project

You will find information on the criteria and steps for selection and the role played by the sponsor. The selection committees are held in March, June and November.


Submitting a project