Working at Eiffage, concrete career opportunities

Are you wondering what it’s like to work at Eiffage? The answer is simple. Our promise to employees is an open invitation: “Invent your own future with a human perspective”. Joining our teams means joining a Group where everyone is urged to achieve their very best and find new ways of positively and sustainably influencing the world around us, with the support of a robust Group with strong core values.

At Eiffage you will feel free to put forward your ideas and initiatives, whilst knowing that you don’t always have to get it right first time. You will be able to express your creative potential as we are keenly aware that this creative spirit will help keep us at the forefront of our industry. 

What makes Eiffage different? The human perspective, especially in the management team. Employees are more empowered and enjoy more freedom in their work than they would elsewhere. The only condition is that they must deliver the results our customers expect. Relationships are therefore built on trust.

Lina Jaber Works Supervisor at Eiffage Construction


Moving up the career ladder

Everyone wants to have opportunities. And we give all our employees, in every business line, the chance to progress. The Eiffage University offers more than 500 modules covering the full spectrum of training needs. Its range of courses and modules grows every year, especially in e-learning. To address training needs as effectively as possible, all divisions and entities actively design and offer new modules aligned with the specific requirements of their business 

I did my end-of-course internship at Eiffage Construction Habitat in Rosny-sous-Bois. Then I received a job offer, which I accepted.  
I’ve completed a specialised master’s degree in works management via Eiffage Construction. By attending four or five training sessions a year, I was able to get various skills I had already acquired approved as credits

Cyril Patin Works Supervisor at Eiffage Construction

Working in harmony with the world around us

We conduct our business within an ethical and compliance framework that includes risk prevention and project safety, equal opportunities, efforts to broaden access to employment and an anti-discrimination programme. 

Through the work of the Eiffage Foundation, you will also be able to help non-profit organisations pursue outreach projects that improve access to employment. 

Employee involvement – the cornerstone of our Foundation

The Eiffage Foundation supports non-profit organisations that work to help people struggling to find and stay in employment, with employees playing a key role. The Maison de Joseph project, which helps homeless people find accommodation and work, is a prime example. Employees can also volunteer for organisations that partner with the Foundation. For example, they support jobseekers via the New Solidary in the Face of Unemployment (Solidarités Nouvelles face au Chômage) non-profit organisation, and mentor students and support young people through the Article 1 organisation. 

Employee share ownership is one of Eiffage’s defining characteristics. Together, employees are able to influence the future of the business. It’s an important way of keeping the family spirit
alive at Eiffage.

Martin Freynet Civil Engineer and Messenger at Eiffage Génie Civil
Cultivating a unique approach through employee share ownership

Employee share ownership gives you a stake in the future of our business. It is also where Eiffage derives its distinctiveness and strength. Over 70% of our employees are shareholders. When you join Eiffage, you become part of a strong, tight-knit team, and a Group with an ownership structure that protect our independence.