Training and careers opportunities

Are you looking for a career with genuine opportunities to develop? Of course you are – and at Eiffage, we’ve taken that on board. That’s why we offer our employees of all ages and levels of qualification an ambitious and ground-breaking training portfolio. We share the goal of helping you progress and supporting your professional development over the long term.

Internships and work-study programmes at Eiffage to kick-start your career

The labour market in construction currently has the wind in its sails, and we usually have a number of vacant positions. In this upbeat environment, we regard work-study programmes and the development of student internships as a crucial avenue of recruitment for the talent we need now and in the future. If you complete a work-study programme with Eiffage, you stand a very good chance of being hired at the end of your course.  

Joining Eiffage gives you access to innovative induction resources

The induction period is crucial. We have introduced digital tools that make learning fun and ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly for our new recruits. The entire Group has access to a new digital module that introduces all newly recruited employees to Eiffage’s values and its different business lines. In addition, every division pursues innovation, with examples including escape games, a mobile application that supports all new employees during their first few days at Eiffage, and a serious game that takes users through all the various stages of a major project. 

Regular training to hone expertise and knowhow

Because the businesses we work in are constantly changing, we provide all our employees, from managers to blue-collar workers, with high-quality training so that they can upgrade their skill sets and advance their careers. The Eiffage University, founded in 2014, aims to enable employees to actively plan their own career by offering them courses specifically geared to their needs. Its range of courses and modules expands every year, especially in e-learning. New training modules in psychosocial risk prevention and time management have thus been developed. 

Supportiveness in the workplace is a priority for Eiffage

In 2019, the Group will roll out a course entitled “Management: Values – Standards – Supportiveness”. Dr Philippe Rodet, a former emergency medicine specialist and an expert on the subject, will support and contribute to the programme. Supportiveness at work is one of our Group’s core values. 

All our initiatives bear witness to our tremendous ability to innovate and to digitise our processes, without losing our profoundly human and supportive perspective

Claudine Font Head of Social and Human Development, Eiffage
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