Eiffage Group's core values

When you join Eiffage, you become part of a Group with strong values. Our six core values guide us in innovating and inventing a future with a human perspective. Together, these six values make up an indivisible, coherent whole. They are both complementary and interdependent. By adhering to these values, we become what we strive to represent – a resolute organisation working towards a shared vision of excellence and compassion. It is up to our employees to live by and promote our values.

Leading by example

At Eiffage, we believe leading by example is intrinsic to respecting others. It is by setting an example that the Group’s values become a tangible reality. We cannot ask of someone else something we would not be prepared to do ourselves. Whatever the circumstances, we act in an ethical, honest manner that is perfectly within the rules. 

Courage & pugnacity

At Eiffage, our employees demonstrate passion, perseverance and pugnacity in their work, without being single-minded, giving them the strength to face up to and overcome any difficulties they may encounter. Our managers are courageous leaders who inspire their employees. 


At Eiffage, everyone is in some way an ambassador representing the Group. We are all bound to uphold its reputation and safeguard the people and equipment under our responsibility. We empower our people, give them considerable autonomy and encourage them to make decisions and show initiative out in the field



At Eiffage, our employees are able to identify and describe things clearly and accurately, fully aware of both their strengths and their weaknesses. This enables them to fairly assess the risks and mobilise the resources required. Lucidity helps to ensure we set attainable goals and we uphold our commitments. 


At Eiffage, all our people in management positions implicitly trust their employees and will support them in every way in the event of any difficulties. The actions we take are taken as a team and we leave no-one behind. Trust is a sign of appreciation, it is the glue that binds us and enables us to find fulfilment. Trust also governs Eiffage’s relationships with its stakeholders and promotes long-term partnerships. 


At Eiffage, we are open and transparent about what is at stake. Everyone knows what is expected of them and what they can reasonably expect from others. Transparency is fundamental to build trust. Information must be accurate and complete and must be shared in a timely manner. It is unacceptable to dissimulate or falsify information. Everyone must accept responsibility for their own actions. People are allowed to make mistakes, but we must learn from them, for the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. 

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