Eco-design: optimizing materials & services

We incorporate ecodesign, which involves optimising the use of all types of resources, into all our projects. Aside from materials, we are working on developing service-sharing plans or providing services designed for multiple uses.

Do better and more with less

Numerical computation and BIM   

Eiffage draws heavily on Building Information Modelling (BIM) to design its building and infrastructure projects. A promising digital tool, BIM is used to model a project in detail, optimising how it is organised and the resources used. For instance, these digital representations currently help our teams manage materials and equipment and, in the future, could be applied to waste management. BIM provides an accurate overview of the project and can incorporate its environmental impact and, by extension, ways of limiting it.   

Plans for an asphalt-free road with Recytal-ARM®   

Eiffage Route laboratories have been developing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for the past 20 years, covering green chemistry, plant-based asphalt alternatives and carbon-neutral maintenance procedures. For instance, they designed Recytal-ARM®, a solution that regenerates existing road surfaces using plant-based binders, dividing the carbon footprint of road worksites by 10.   

The use of plant-based emulsion Recytal utilises byproducts from the forestry and papermaking industries, making it an ideal replacement for oil-based asphalt emulsion. Meanwhile, the mobile reprocessing unit, which recycles road surfaces directly on site, greatly limits carbon emissions from the production and transport of materials and waste. 

Eiffage Route’s Recytal® process, the first road surfacing product certified as biosourced

Having received an award from the Road and Street Innovation Committee of the French Ministry for the Ecological Transition in 2017, the exclusive and patented Recytal® process developed by Eiffage Route was recognised once more in May 2019, when it was certified as a biosourced product (Produit biosourcé® is a French certification awarded by biosourced materials specialist, Karibati). This particular achievement is a first for the French road industry.  

Pooling services

Noé is a circular economy hub that collects and pools the needs of its 170 member companies (including small businesses, demolishers and public works companies), providing them with a wide range of services to reduce truck movements and ease traffic congestion, such as park and ride, site facilities, management of excavated and backfill materials, waste processing and waste tracking. Set up in Bordeaux as part of France’s largest urban planning project (which will build 2.5 million m2 over a 20-year period), the hub offers a practical solution to projectrelated traffic congestion and carbon emissions.  

A highly innovative tool, Noé helps adapt current organisational methods to the constraints of construction in dense urban areas and enhance environmental performance

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