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Eiffage Unveils the Third Part of its Employer Brand Campaign #FamilySpririt

The third part of the Eiffage Group's employer brand campaign is finally unveiled. This new family photo marks the beginning of the campaign's rollout in Europe and illustrates its "evolution" pillar.

Eiffage Unveils the Third Part of its Employer Brand Campaign #FamilySpririt

Smulders, the Belgian Subsidiary, in the Spotlight

This third visual of the #FamilySpirit campaign not only illustrates the Group's growing recruitment needs and its strong presence in Europe but also highlights the still little-known aspect of its industrial expertise. To do this, Eiffage has chosen to showcase the employees of its Belgian subsidiary Smulders, who worked on the Dogger Bank offshore wind farm project in the North Sea, with a capacity of 3.6 GW, which will supply 6 million British households.

A Visual Embodying the "Evolution" Pillar of the #FamilySpirit Campaign

The visual also symbolizes the "Evolution" pillar of the employer brand by highlighting the stimulating and diverse career paths that the Group offers within its numerous sustainable professions and locations. Eiffage provides its employees with the opportunity to work on large multi-disciplinary projects or core business activities, serving local communities.

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