Phosphore: Phase 1

The first phase of the Phosphore project (September 2007 to June 2008) involved the design and construction of a multimodal station in Marseille, coupled with a high-rise office building. The main aim was to come up with totally new technical and technological solutions that make a clean break with conventional practice.


The contextual scenario for this virtual project – which was developed in association with climate experts, urban planners, sociologists, economists and technical experts from the construction industry – depicted the city of tomorrow as being not only a place to live, work and socialise, but also the setting for a series of inevitable challenges relating to:


puce_violet_top.gif Strong pressure on energy prices and the introduction of carbon taxation;

puce_violet_top.gif Ultra-dense urban environments;

puce_violet_top.gif Greatly increased demand for real and virtual mobility, with public transport playing a predominant role;

puce_violet_top.gif Proliferation of service offerings based on new information and communication technologies;

puce_violet_top.gif Mandatory rigorous management of all resources, and notably of energy, water and air.




btn_actif_71479b.jpg  The interactive tool: Phosphore

btn_actif_71479b.jpg  Phosphore project video

pict_pdf.jpg  Phosphore booklet