Terceo : Toulon’s Médiathèque spreads its wings in Chalucet eco-district

Terceo : Toulon’s Médiathèque spreads its wings in Chalucet eco-district

Chalucet multi-media library is housed in a former chapel complete with side wings, listed in the inventory of historical monuments. It takes its name from the eco-district of Toulon where it now covers 5,000 m2. Our tertiary market teams took part in this ground-breaking renovation and extension project, on behalf of our Terceo brand.   

The multi-media library’s electrical facilities (high and low voltage) were installed by our employees. They commissioned an emergency power generator, three invertors and 14 distribution boards, including a low-voltage master distribution panel and a secondary switchboard. They also equipped the library with centrally sourced emergency lighting, 1,500 KNX-DALI dimmable light points and a hundred floor boxes specially designed to supply buildings with concrete floors. The library’s sound system, access control, CCTV and Building Automation System were also fitted by our teams, together with the RFID anti-theft and fire alarm systems. Chalucet multi-media library was built entirely of concrete on 5 floors, using the patented GBE process (which involves “sandwiching” an insulating layer between two concrete walls). This ground-breaking process requires great technical expertise from our teams, to integrate all the networks into walls, floors and ceilings designed in exposed white concrete. The central chapel, now used for exhibitions, and its two side wings are arranged in multiple areas including sections for young children, news, art books, comic books, fiction, thrillers, DVDs etc.  

The multi-media library totals a collection of 70,000 documents (books, magazines, audio and video material). Listening and viewing booths and a large number of computer workstations are available in unrestricted access and members of the public can also benefit from the basement auditorium and a “cultural” café on the ground floor opposite the park known as Parc Alexandre Ier.  

Multi-media library and park together form the historic centre of the new “Creativity and Knowledge Cluster”, adjoining the École supérieure d’art et de design – which also includes a business incubator -, the Maison de la créativité – housing the Kedge Business School -, residential building La Voile blanche and several departments of the Departmental Council. This 3-hectare eco-district undergoing urban reconversion is located close to Toulon Station.  

Photo credits : ©Eiffage Énergie Systèmes