Guyana: Eiffage Métal replaces the Larivot footbridge

Guyana: Eiffage Métal replaces the Larivot footbridge

Since March 2019, the Agglomeration Community of Centre Littoral (CACL) has mandated Eiffage Métal's Guyana entity to replace the Larivot footbridge and its support consoles.

Supported by the Vélizy design office and the Le Havre agency, the teams carried out the work, which also included the replacement of the water pipe over the Cayenne River, in a consortium with DLE Outre-Mer, in particular.

The assembly and installation work, comprising 400 t of steel for the 34 supports and 35 sections of 33 m each, involved around 15 employees day and night for 3 months, as well as specific equipment:

Nautical equipment:

- 1 pusher boat

- 1 floating pontoon of 50 m²

- 1 spider basket


-Land equipment:

- 2 bogies to pull the gangways

- 2 crane trucks

- 3 telescopic trolleys

This network will secure drinking water access for 46,000 households in the coming weeks.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Métal