Expercité: upgrading lighting and CCTV in Paul-Lignon Stadium, Rodez.

Expercité: upgrading lighting and CCTV in Paul-Lignon Stadium, Rodez.

In support of Rodez Aveyron Football (RAF)’s move up to League 2, the specialists of our Expercité brand for cities and local authorities have been carrying out compliance work in Paul-Lignon Stadium in Rodez. The works, comprising the refurbishment of lighting, and CCTV installation and connection to the city of Rodez’s hypervision system, took place in three stages.  

Our electricians completely renovated the stadium’s lighting system and existing supports. They dismantled the four 27-metre concrete light poles and replaced the four existing supporting foundations with new structures anchored to micropiles buried 16 metres deep. The four new 37-metre light poles were installed with the use of a crane. Our teams also fitted 120 Philips LED spotlights (30 spotlights per light pole) and a switchgear cabinet at the foot of each light pole. The stadium’s scenic animation is now provided by a DMX Pharos management system, E2- (or League 2) approved by the FFF (French Football Federation).  

Our specialists also installed a CCTV system including a total of 60 cameras: 8 very high-resolution static cameras (16 Megapixels –Mpx) for monitoring the stands and bleachers, 10 HD mobile domes (1,080 px) and 42 static cameras (from 5 Mpx to 8 Mpx). They have also installed a picture wall with a 46-inch screen (117 cm), 3 operating and playback stations for recorded images and two storage and management servers.  

Our hypervision professionals have developed and commissioned a “Timesure” time server and an application for monitoring all the “IP Monitor” network facilities and the fibre optic backbone. The CCTV installation was carried out according to Apsad R82 certified standards (Cybersecurity) by our experts. This nerve centre ensures cybersecurity on the communication network which has been sized, deployed and secured in order to be shared in the long term with third party business lines. The whole system is hypervized by the Expercité software solution which provides an interface between the stadium and existing facilities in town. The cameras located around the stadium are thus mutualized and the new hypervision system is linked up to the city’s centralized management.  

Photo credits : © Eiffage Énergie Systèmes