Clemessy finalizes the last power generator for the French nuclear power plant fleet

Clemessy finalizes the last power generator for the French nuclear power plant fleet

By continuing to commission emergency diesel generator sets at the request of EDF during the very specific context of the current health crisis, Clemessy’s teams succeeded in finalizing the last endurance tests on the 36th and final emergency diesel generator for Chinon Nuclear Unit 2 in early May 2020, as planned by EDF to meet the requirements of the Nuclear Safety Authorities. Due to the exceptional nature of the contract to which they are subject, and the stakes involved, these facilities have key rating to ensure continuity of public service in supplying the nation’s power, and represent a major target for all the project’s players.

The contract was won in 2014 by EES-Clemessy, ABC and ORYS in consortium, and covers the supply, assembly and operational lifecycle technical support of emergency diesel generator sets for all the 900 and 1450 MW reactors in the French nuclear power plant fleet: a total of 36 units. 

Our teams supplied all the electrical and monitoring & control systems, generator auxiliaries and test service management. Construction work is nearly completed, with operational lifecycle technical support now taking over, and scheduled to extend until 2029. 

These emergency diesel generator sets are key facilities, included in the French nuclear fleet’s “Grand Carénage” (Major Refitting) project. They are part of the post- Fukushima programme deployed by EDF to reinforce power plant safety. They are designed to restore the power supply for the plant’s safety equipment and systems in the event of a total loss of all its means of assistance (one emergency diesel generator set for each production unit), in extreme situations or cases of aggression (earthquakes, floods, tornados) far more serious than those taken into account in facility design and safety reassessments.

This project confirms our Clemessy teams’ recognized expertise in meeting the safety challenges linked to nuclear energy production in France. Well done!

Photo credits : © Ludovic Letot