83 Marceau: end of demolitions for this very technical site using the "top and down" phasing in the heart of Paris

83 Marceau: end of demolitions for this very technical site using the

In the heart of Paris, the impressive construction site located between Marceau and Iéna streets completes the important phase of the demolition. Highly technical, the site uses the "top and down" phasing, which allows infrastructure and superstructure work to be carried out simultaneously.

This building, which overlooks the Place de l'Etoile, is the subject of an integral and heavy restructuring thought by Dominique Perrault Architecture with the project manager SFL (Société Foncière Lyonnaise) and assistant project manager Aliuta. A new contemporary facade created by Goyer, office trays of 1200m² fitted out by interior decorator Ana Moussinet, a terrace on the top floor, a garden in the heart of an island, as well as service spaces will compose the building, which will host the Paris headquarters of the Goldman Sachs Bank.
This emblematic Parisian operation led by Eiffage Construction Tertiaire focuses on the specificity of the «top and down» phasing, which makes it possible to face breathtaking temporary covers. This process allows to build in parallel the infrastructure and the superstructure. Indeed, with the building having 7 levels of infrastructure (below ground level) and 7 in superstructure (above ground level), a transfer floor was created in the 3rd basement allowing on the one hand to stabilize the structure, and on the other hand to carry out two overlapping projects at the same time. The demolition following an extremely specific and delicate cutting of the stages, its completion represents a key step in the progress of the works.
The building will be delivered in the third quarter of 2021 and will meet the most demanding environmental standards: it will be labeled Low Consumption Building (HQE, Breeam, Leed, and BBC Effinergie Rénovation and R2S labels).

After 2 months of recovery, the activity is in full swing! The teams were congratulated for mastering this very technical project and were able to meet in June with Olivier Genis, President of Eiffage Construction, and Mathias Lalande, Regional Director of Île-de-France, who went to this emblematic site accompanied by Olivier Bonnet, Director of Eiffage Construction Tertiaire.

Photo credits: Vladimir Partalo