APRR launches its summer events programme

APRR launches its summer events programme

For the summer holidays that are just starting, holidaymakers using the APRR network will be able to make the most of their breaks in a summery atmosphere, helping them to both relax and make new discoveries as well.

Set off on a journey with a world champion
Valentin Belaud, the modern pentathlon World Champion will be at the Aire de la Chaponne services area (A6, south of Auxerre) on Saturday 6 July offering an introduction to the sports of fencing, shooting and running!
The modern pentathlon has been part of the Olympic Games since 1912 and is a sporting event made up of five disciplines: fencing, swimming, equestrian show jumping, pistol shooting and cross-country running.
At just 26 years of age, Valentin Belaud’s record of achievements is impressive: Individual World Champion 2016, Team World Champion 2018, Relay World Champion 2013, 2014 and 2018, Mixed Relay World Champion 2013, Military Team World Champion 2018, Team European Champion 2018 and French Champion 3 times. He is supported by APRR as part of the French “Pacte de Performance” system.
The reality of risks for pedestrians
Aware of the risks for pedestrians on motorways, APRR has developed an unusual simulator. Thanks to virtual reality, travellers are offered the chance to immerse themselves for 7 minutes:
- in a vehicle that has broken down. Organised on the principle of a “serious game”, the driver must then make the right moves to get out of their vehicle as safely as possible and contact the emergency services.
- as an emergency services agent. After parking their truck on the hard shoulder, this member of the emergency services team walks towards the immobilised vehicle, with heavy traffic of passing cars and HGVs (as at the start of the holidays). They must then mark out the area with cones in order to make it safe.
This simulator is available for over-14s, on Saturdays 13, 20 and 27 July at the Aire de Dracé services area (A6 north of Lyon) and Saturdays 3 and 10 August at the Aire des Lochères services area (A6 north of Beaune).
Biodiversity and wildlife on the A49 and A5
Biodiversity and especially awareness of wildlife will feature strongly during the summer events on the APRR network. The APRR event teams will be organising stands presenting eco pasture for naturally maintaining roadside verges, information on wildlife corridors that cross motorways, workshops for recognising and creating animal footprints in clay, along with regional markets.
Saturdays 6, 13, 20 and 27 July at the Aire de Porte de la Drôme services area (A49, north of Valence) and Saturdays 3 and 10 August at the Aire de Châteauvillain services area (A5, south of Troyes).
And all the usual events
With its experience in summer events, APRR knows what its customers want and like: hook a duck, postcards (postcards and stamps are available), modelling, pianos for public use, stretching exercises, “Know your motorways” quiz, dog exercise area (in partnership with the French Society for the Protection of Animals), face-painting for children, orienteering, giant wooden games, etc.
So holidaymakers will be able to take a break (APRR recommends that you take a break every two hours) and be entertained at the same time.
For details and a map of the events, see the press release below.