Pierre-Mauroy Stadium signs the Charter of Eco-Responsible Commitments

Pierre-Mauroy Stadium signs the Charter of Eco-Responsible Commitments

On Thursday 13 June, Pierre-Mauroy Stadium signed the Charter of 15 Eco-Responsible Commitments

On 12 January 2017, the Ministry of Sport and WWF France launched the Charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments for major sporting events directed towards organisers. Since 11 June 2018, this Charter has also been open to managers of large French sports facilities.

On 13 June, Eiffage Concessions became a signatory to the Charter via the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium.

The Charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments for event organisers and facility managers confirms that environmental responsibility is henceforth central to the specifications of organisers of major international sporting events held in France.
Responsible purchasing and food sourcing, waste recycling, control of water and energy consumption, sustainable mobility, preservation of biodiversity, accessibility, and promotion of gender equality in positions of responsibility are the priorities underpinning the Charter’s commitments. Last week, the Charter was recognised by the UN Climate Secretariat as an effective tool for local climate action.
The Stadium currently meets 3 commitments:

  • Control of water and energy consumption

The Stadium's toilet flushing and turf watering systems both use recovered rainwater. The Stadium is equipped with dynamic UPSs to avoid using generator sets.

  • Accessibility

The Stadium has a good accessibility rating and all the counters are adapted to the disabled.

  • Fighting discrimination

The Stadium's teams are fairly well balanced in terms of male and female employment.
It has therefore undertaken to meet the other commitments within the next three years, i.e. those concerning sustainable mobility, responsible purchasing, waste recycling, embracing eco-responsible innovation, supporting the community, responsible management and raising stakeholder awareness.
By signing this Charter, the Stadium has firmly committed to an ambitious policy to protect the environment!