The Wedellsborg ro-ro cargo begins its rotations for Airbus after a month of refit in Saint Nazaire (44)

The Wedellsborg ro-ro cargo begins its rotations for Airbus after a month of refit in Saint Nazaire (44)

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes - Clemessy Services organizes refitting for large seagoing vessels from the harbour facilities in Nantes Saint Nazaire Grand Port Maritime, offering a repair service for ships afloat or in dry dock and integrated refit solutions for shipowners worldwide. The Wedellsborg ferry recently stopped off in Saint Nazaire for this purpose. 

Built in the Visentini shipyards, Italy in 2014, the Wedellsborg was first operated as a ferry by Sardinian company Tirrenia and is now the property of Danish shipowner Weco RoRo. The cargo was placed in dry dock on 29 December 2018 in the Penhöet basin of Saint Nazaire harbour. During this technical stop scheduled for a month, our specialist teams carried out comprehensive refit operations on the ship. 

The cargo needed to be compliant with American anti-pollution standards in order to make regular rotations between Montoir de Bretagne, site of a major Airbus plant, and Mobile in Alabama, where the aircraft manufacturer assembles its A320 and A220. 
« The Wedellsborg, which runs on heavy fuel oil, was releasing fumes containing acidifying substances. These emissions are strictly controlled along the North American coastline. We therefore equipped its funnels with scrubbers, a complex system of  air pollution control devices enabling nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur (SOx) emissions to be limited by washing the unwanted pollutants from the gas stream” explained worksite manager Mathieu Wibaux. 
 « By 2020, anti-pollution standards will apply to all the ships on our planet’s seas. Maximum sulphur content in the fuel will not exceed 0.5%. Refit worksites throughout the world are preparing to transform the vessels involved. In this competitive context, the Wedellsborg project is our best business card” added Ship Repair manager Guillaume de Williencourt.

During this refit, our teams also updated the cargo’s ballast system to comply with current standards. This operation, which involves stabilizing the vessel by filling its holds  with seawater, facilitates the transfer of invasive aquatic species from one natural site to another. Our teams thus installed a device to treat ballast water by electrolysis in the cargo’s machine room, to reduce the impact of these successive water changes on biodiversity. 
A month after arriving in Saint Nazaire, the Wedellsborg underwent a series of conclusive sea trials and obtained its compliance certificate. This precious passport will enable the cargo to carry out its rotations between Montoir de Bretagne and Mobile for Airbus’ shipping network. 

Photo credits : © Eiffage Énergie Systèmes