Eiffage Foundation: Entrepreneurs du Monde firmly rooted in Lyon

Eiffage Foundation: Entrepreneurs du Monde firmly rooted in Lyon

Entrepreneurs du Monde provides long-term support to vulnerable business developers in the greater Lyon area.

Entrepreneurs du Monde is active in 11 developing countries in the social microfinance sector and acts as a social and environmental innovation incubator. It provides support for the creation of very small businesses and promotes access to employment.

In February 2018, the association launched a careers and business development centre aimed at vulnerable groups in the greater Lyon area, particularly recognised refugees, homeless people and single mothers.

Project supporters François Brennac and Christophe Pinel, agency manager and sales manger at Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, secured funding from the Eiffage Foundation for the design and enhancement of business creation training modules and the deployment of project developer monitoring tools.

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