Eiffage takes part in conserving biodiversity in Senegal

Eiffage takes part in conserving biodiversity in Senegal

On 10 July 2018, the Environment Ministry represented by Colonel Racine Diallo received delivery of a 700 m wall designed to fence in Noflaye Botanical Reserve. The ceremony took place in the presence of Bambilor sous-préfet Marcel Thiao, Sangalkam's deputy mayor Coumba Sène, Village des Tortues leaders and our Eiffage teams.

Noflaye Botanical Reserve, which includes a conservation centre for Senegalese tortoises known as the Village des Tortues, is increasingly threatened by human and animal intrusion. Eiffage has provided an emergency response to protect the reserve via our Sustainablity and Cross-Company Innovation Division and the Senac, which involves financing and monitoring the fencing project. In addition to the protective wall, a sign has been installed at toll motorway exit 10 to improve site visibility.

QHSE manager Missira Keïta recalled the partnership's history and reaffirmed Eiffage's commitment to biodiversity conservation.
Colonel Racine Diallo welcomed the achievement and called on all the players to adopt a forward-looking vision. He also invited local people to be more civic-minded, and to help conserve this natural reserve. He was joined in this by Sangalkam's deputy mayor, who stressed the importance of raising children's awareness through educational visits and projects.

The sous-préfet, who has already supported the Group's other CSR projects in Djilor and Kanel, made a point of congratulating Eiffage Sénégal. He believes our slogan « It isn't just concrete that counts with us » is fully justified.